Career Transition Programme

Right Management’s philosophy on Career Transition Programmes.

Career Transition Programs help participants to build on the knowledge they have acquired on career management issues, to plan their next career steps, and to achieve their career goals.

More specifically, participants receive professional careers advice and advice on success in interviews along with trust-worthy and up-to-date information on the labour market. They also have a chance to develop skills on how to approach the job market, how to produce a targeted CV and how to improve communication skills. They also have access to on-line job search tools, updates on new jobs in their area of interest, online databases and, of course, our RightEverywhere online toolkit which is a rich source of materials and information.


The Right Management methodology incorporates Best Practices in Career Transition Programmes by combining the following elements into one effective whole that fits each participant's needs exactly:

  • Providing a Personal Specialist Consultant and designing a special programme tailored to the needs of each participant
  • Individual Counselling Sessions
  • Rich and detailed training materials (5 Workbooks)
  • Exclusive tools such as the interactive online platform RightEverywhere and the 24-hour iView (interviewing practice system) tool

Project Objectives for the Organisation (Business / Corporate)

Protecting and supporting the Company’s positive image as a responsible employer, through a programme that addresses each participant and his or her needs for managing change and outplacement individually.

Minimising the impact of staff reductions on the morale, commitment and productivity of Company employees who will remain in the organisation.

Supporting the Company's HR team and management in dealing with any issues related to the outplacement, both internally and externally.

For the Participants

  • For the Participants
  • Participants are equipped with all the necessary tools, knowledge and techniques to enable them to:
    • Explore their alternatives after release from the organisation
    • Design their own outplacement plan
    • Approach the market effectively on the basis of this plan

The key features of the Outplacement Programme are:

  • All the material and content that make up the programme are completely adapted and specialised to meet each participant's individual needs.
  • A methodological approach developed and implemented by a properly trained and specialised team from Right Management Consultants, ManpowerGroup's global leader in the provision of Career and Outplacement Management Services.
  • Use of the proprietary tools and technologies developed by Right Management specifically for participants in Outplacement Programmes.
  • The Right Management stamp of quality, reliability, prestige and effectiveness. We are the No1 global brand in everything connected to talent and Career Management

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